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Pure by name and pure by nature.

We are an honest, reliable recruitment company that underpinned everything we do by our four “PURE” values, from the information we gather and insights we offer, to the relationships we build with both our clients and candidates.

Pure & Simple

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People Focussed

Having worked within the recruitment industry for longer than we care to admit, we have built a wealth of knowledge and experience. That being said, we have found that all-to-often many recruiters lose sight of the fact they are dealing with individuals. We never do. That’s our promise to both our clients and the candidates we represent!

Everyone is individual, with their own personal goals and benchmarks and every business operates in their own unique ways. That is why we tailor our services to everyone and every business differently, but we always take the time to understand what you are looking for be it a cultural feel, career progression, particular industry or a candidate with the right skillset.


We don’t just want to help, we want to inspire and uplift our clients and candidates with Pure 4’s advice, guidance and recruitment solutions. Our no-nonsense approach to recruitment offers both clients and candidates true transparency and clarity, leaving you feeling confident in our representation and your decisions.


Dependable, experienced, trustworthy and driven. These are the foundations of our strong code of ethics when working with our clients and for our candidates, and this is done because we take the time to truly understand what you are looking for, and what you expect.

We firmly believe that only by working with you, together can we get the results you are looking for, whether that is finding you the right position, or sourcing the candidate with the right attitude and skills that you need.


Persistence is great. But we go one step further, in that we won’t just put anyone that we think “might be good” in front of you, until we get it right. We pride ourselves on our intense dedication to sourcing the right candidates for our clients, and finding the right jobs for our candidates.

We only put candidates in front of our clients, that not only possess the skill set and experience needed, but would also fit in with the culture and mindset of your business. That being said, we also offered tailor job-hunting experience for our candidates, to ensure that not only that they are suitable for the roles we put them forward for, but also that they will be happy, should they be successful.

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Highly Recommend

I have worked with James both as a candidate and a client. I first met James as a candidate in Dec 2019, he was diligent, listened to what sort of role I was looking for and managed to help me secure the perfect role. Almost 1 year on and I have also been using James as a recruiting service where he has managed to secure some top talent for the business.

Arron Parsons

A real passion for recruitment

I have worked with James for a number of years both together as a team and now as a client. James has a passion for recruitment and certainly has the technical knowledge, commitment and tenacious personality to get things done! With the passion James has to running his own business along with demonstrating immense loyalty, and support this makes him an exceptional recruiter. I will always go to James and highly recommend you do too.

Danielle Burke

Pure 4 work tirelessly for their clients

Pure 4 work tirelessly for their clients delivering on promises and ensuring complete client satisfaction. One of Pure 4’s key strengths is keeping the client informed at every stage of the process including the time when candidates are still undecided about roles. This is vital to me as we often engage Pure 4 on an exclusive basis and other agencies approach with candidates it is essential to know where Pure 4’s candidates are in the process.

David Marshall

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