At Pure4 Recruitment, your information is stored on a recruitment database which is provided by a third party and we will do anything in our power to protect and update your personal details on this database. However if you would like to make any amendments to your details it is your duty, not that of Pure4 Recruitment, to contact us so we can make any changes at your request.

This information may be stored in order for us to contact you about potential and appropriate job roles regardless of how your initial application proceeds. If you no longer want us to hold or use your details for opportunities; would like to change your details; want us to delete your information from our records; want to request a copy of the information we have stored of you please contact us via our email ( and we will respond to any requests you may have.

By providing us with your personal details, through that of responding to a job advertisement or posting your details on a job board, you give Pure4 Recruitment consent to hold your information so that we can contact you about relevant new roles and thus can be considered and potentially put forward for new opportunities.

If you are working with us, we can’t proceed with applications without using your personal information and potential employers will also be unable to continue with the recruitment process without these details. It is our paramount duty that your privacy remains as protected as possible with us so we will not sell nor share any details regarding you to third parties (exempting potential employers) unless you allow us to or if we have to by law.

We will not request or look for any personal information unless it is for recruitment purposes, required by law or is needed in order for us to continue our working relationship with you. This information might include data about:

Ethnic origin and/or religious beliefs
Physical/mental health
Criminal records
Political views
Sexual orientation
Your personal information, such as you name, address, phone number, email address, bank details, passport copies and CV detail may be used for the following:

Finding suitable job roles by matching your information to that of the vacancy
To contact you about potential job roles and to arrange interview times/dates
Giving your details to potential employers so that they can arrange employment and salary with them
Adhering to legal company requirements of that of our client such as security checks, health and safety and immigration
Attaining references from the names on your CV or any requested referees